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 A Tips for RuneScape Beginner's Creatures and Techniques

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PostSubject: A Tips for RuneScape Beginner's Creatures and Techniques   Wed Jun 20, 2012 2:09 am

A Tips for RuneScape Beginner's Creatures and Techniques
The rule of thumb of runescape is rs gold not just what the monster drops, but what your profit from fighting the monster is. You could be a level 20 runescape accounts and fight Hill Giants all day long and do well with the drops that you are going to get.

However, the amount of food you would have to consume in order to stay there and not die is going to wipe out all your profits. Always fight in a place were you can sustain yourself for long periods of time with the food you have. If you are constantly eating, then you are in an area that is not going to pay off at the intermediate levels. At higher levels, the rewards will outweigh the cost of runescape gold. You will have to get your level up in order to make some decent gp at this point. A quick way to do this is training at the Barbarian Village. Just keep killing Barbarians and eating food (or running over to the monastery and eat their cabbage) until you reach the mid 30’s for your combat level.

Another creature that is good to battle at these low levels is the Dark Wizards south of Varrock. These are level 7 and easy to battle (just stay away from the level 20 Dark Wizard with a beard). Don’t worry about Delrith. He will leave you alone until you do the Demon Slayer Quest. The Dark Wizards will drop all kinds of runes. Plus merchants will come to purchase your runes from you here. Sell runescape accounts them and make a new customer. You will then be ready for the next creature that will pay you big time.

Simply collecting Big Bones is another thing you can do if you are lower leveled. Big Bones sell for 350 runescape gold each, and there are always players who will buy them. This is a place where you can get Big Bones from; The Grave Yard on Level 27 Wilderness directly North of Varrock.
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A Tips for RuneScape Beginner's Creatures and Techniques
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