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 Comparing the payment models of Glitch and Ryzom

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PostSubject: Comparing the payment models of Glitch and Ryzom   Mon Apr 16, 2012 3:27 am

Comparing the payment models of Glitch and Ryzom
In addition to the work study at ordinary times besides like to play a few small game includes runescape gold, runescape accounts, buy runescape gold these just part of, still have a lot of friends u.s.a.australia etc can ask me, we private chat ah. Today said so much. Will have another chance to it, playing games good friends you can discuss next oh.This week I will be comparing rs gold and runescape gold. Why did I pick those two runescapes? Simple: I really like both of them and enjoy how they have implemented a free-to-play model. This is not a competition, and I do not wish to say that one model is better than the other. I am simply wanting to show with these articles that the free-to-play model is not so easy to pigeon-hole. It's flexible and useful in almost any form because it normally allows for free, basic access. That alone is reason to love the model.

So let's start with Glitch. In case my non-stop gushing and weekly livestreaming of the runescape is not enough evidence for you, Glitch is one of my favorite runescapes for many reasons. Not only did the runescape do some very creative things that we have never seen inside a sandbox before, but it was all done within the confines of a browser. This instant access introduced people to browser-based runescape, people who previously thought that browser runescape was only for "."
To rule, no matter be all kinds of games or other things there are rules, but you usually say to abide by the rules of the game so the rules are very important, of course, if you don't abide by the rules of the game will be kicked out of the game, so the rules for each participate in the competition of people will be more important. Hope everyone in the game and remember that the rules of a game to win the final victory.
I was so happy when I found out the runescape was free-to-play with options, and I was even happier when I saw the details of the plan. Basically a player can sign up and make a character for absolutely zero dollars. That same player can get to the same maximum level of 60, own a house, and pretty much have the exact same experience as a paying player. Tiny Speck, the maker of Glitch, decided to sell conveniences instead of necessities. Normally I do not like to see different "[url=]buy runescape gold" of subscriptions. My dislike for those freemium sort of plans comes from a simple distaste for unneccessary complications. I want to be able to glance at a cash shop or free-to-play model and know what I am going to get. Glitch's multi-tiered sub model is only tacking on more of the same options with each tier level, instead of restricting things or adding on exclusives. There is no restricted chat or lack of customer service with lower tiers. We've already seen models like Fallen Earth's that force players to pay for better customer service, something that just boggles my mind.

Next, let's look at Ryzom's payment model. Ryzom has been around for years and until recently offered only a standard subscription option. Last year the developers announced a freemium model, allowing players to download the client and play to level 125 out of a total of 250. It's important to note that the max level of 250 can be achieved in each skill, and the skills in Ryzom are numerous and wonderfully diverse. There are four main skill trees: combat, magic, crafting and harvesting. Each one of those trees breaks into smaller branches of more specific skills, and each one of those branches specializes even further. There are so many skills to learn in Ryzom that someone once estimated that it would take a couple of years to learn them all.
These are the experience I take it out and share the hope can get good response.
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Comparing the payment models of Glitch and Ryzom
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